Why Would You Need a Native App for Your Website?


Sigma is an intuitive digital designing and prototyping tool. It’s an interactive UI and UX design app which you could use to quickly build mobile apps, interactive sites, or basic user interfaces that could then be subsequently integrated into other more complex projects. For example, you could use it to build a simple game that uses a gesture recognizer to detect finger placement. This kind of app wouldn’t be recommended for high-end business applications where the objective is to sell products, but for a simpler mobile web app or mobile website you might find it suitable. It also lets you quickly develop cross-platform mobile apps and mobile websites for specific devices, allowing you to target specific device features, aside from just being mobile.

Another example of using an app as a web application is when developing a native app for iOS or Android devices. With a typical native app, you have the option of translating your website’s web-view into a native format, so that the app looks and behaves exactly like it’s native app. However, because mobile web apps run on various mobile browsers, not all apps can translate their web views into the native format. You might then have to resort to translating your own app’s HTML code into a native app, which could be a bit tedious.

An alternative would be to simply outsource the conversion work to a professional web designer or to simply use a mobile-friendly website builder to create a native-app mobile website from scratch. There are quite a few native app builders available online, and most of them offer free tools to get you started with creating a fully mobile-friendly site. You can then choose to continue working on the project once the app is live. Using native app builders to convert your web into native code will make it easy to launch your app on iPhones, Android devices, and Windows Phones, as well as on tablets such as iPads and capacitors. Some of the more advanced Native app builders even allow for direct integration with other popular mobile-friendly web services such as Twitter and Facebook. With the right mobile-friendly app builder, you can ensure your app functions flawlessly on all mobile platforms and looks great on screen regardless of the device you’re running.