Why Lioneur

Software that helps you grow!


Online software companies have long been criticized for their pricing plans, which often fail to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. In many cases, the plan that an entrepreneur needs to grow their business is the most expensive option available, making it difficult for small businesses to succeed.


This is where Lioneur comes in. The company has made it their mission to help entrepreneurs by offering premium software for free. Unlike other software companies, Lioneur understands the unique needs of small businesses and has created a pricing model that reflects this.

By providing entrepreneurs with access to the tools they need to grow their business, Lioneur is helping to level the playing field and make it easier for small businesses to succeed. Whether it's through offering free access to advanced features or providing a flexible pricing model, Lioneur is committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed.

In conclusion, the traditional pricing plans of most online software companies don't really help entrepreneurs. Lioneur is changing this by providing premium software for free to entrepreneurs. This helps small businesses to have access to the tools they need to grow their business and level the playing field.