What is a Poll and When to Use It


One of the most common questions that I am asked by my clients who are trying to do some research on products, services and ideas is ‘what is a poll?’ I have been asked this question so many times in my many years of practice and it appears that many people still have a very firm belief that a poll is a way of asking people questions and doing research. The reality of the matter is that a poll cannot be used to make up answers or for research. The use of a poll is usually to determine how something will be received by your potential clients, or to see if an idea will be something that they will want to try themselves.

Polls can also be used as a sales tool. For example if you were planning on starting a new business, you may wish to ask a series of questions to your customers or potential customers to determine just how likely they will be to purchase your product or service. This type of survey will not help you to develop an effective marketing plan or write up a script for your campaign, but it will provide valuable information that can be used in developing your overall strategy. A poll can really help you decide how to increase traffic to your website and who to target with your campaigns.

When I use a poll in conjunction with a client’s website I like to use the description box that is included with it. The description box is not a requirement for using a poll, but it does add a little bit of fun to the process. If you are going to use a poll make sure that you clearly explain to your prospect what it is you are trying to find out through the use of your website. You do not have to put everything you can on the poll itself, but the more you put the description in the description box, the more fun it will be for your prospect to fill out and respond to.