About Us

Lioneur is a community for building professional connections, creating strategic alliances, discovering new opportunities, and being a mentor for others.


Welcome to Lioneur, my name is Johnny and I am the founder of Lioneur.


My Vision for this platform is to bring value into your life. Not only money-wise but I want this platform to grow you in faith, value and leadership. People will respect Lioneur members because of the high values and leadership they bring.

Members must support each other by using services and products that other members bring. Not only online but in the real world. The idea is to grow each other not just emotional but economic as well. Ideally, members can get a discount when using some of these services.

Let's talk about the name. The lion is a symbol of courage, strength, fearlessness, and bravery. All entrepreneurs consist of these qualities. We combine the words to build a strong and fearless name, Lioneur.

All members on Lioneur have complete control over their privacy and data. You can delete your data anytime. Lioneur does not sell data and will never sell your data. We do use some data to bring better advertising on the platform, again you control what you want other members to see.


I truly hope you will enjoy this community and please share your thoughts with me.


Lioneur's Vision and Mission

Lioneur's vision is to bring value into your life, grow you as a leader to help others, make mentor's in every part of the community and most of all help you balance your life.

Lioneur's mission is to provide a platform and tools that are affordable for every stage of a business.