iAdminWP is now part of Lioneur


iAdminWP is now part of the Lioneur ecosystem. iAdminWP was created to mainly service WordPress websites and help small entrepreneurs grow faster with the right tools. But over the years iAdminWP has grown into something bigger than just WordPress websites. We started hosting Moodle, Laravel, and other PHP scripts. We tried to convert to “LineofSite” as the new home for iAdminWP but something was missing.

Lioneur was born! A place where entrepreneurs can get the support and the tools to grow to the next level. iAdminWP was destined to grow into something like Lioneur. It all is about helping entrepreneurs, not only with hosting but it is all we want to do.

All hosting that was done on iAdminWP will continue with no change. Your invoice will show Lioneur and not iAdminWP. You will be using the same payment detail. Lioneur is working on a hosting page and will be available soon. iAdminWP and Lioneur are two different companies but the owner is the same.

I just want to thank all the clients and people that made iAdminWP one of the best hosting businesses in South Africa and if you ask me, in the world. We don’t just say we care, we prove that we care about you and your business.

Please email me at johnny @ iadminwp.com / johnny @ lioneur.com if you have any questions.