How to Create a WhatsApp Shop


Facebook is expanding its Shops feature to WhatsApp, allowing businesses to integrate their products into the Messenger Marketplace. The company said it is working to cut the time it takes to get up and running to just five minutes. In addition, Shops users will now be able to chat with businesses before making a purchase. The business catalog will appear directly in the user’s conversation. Once the customer is ready to purchase a product, they can tap the “Buy Now” button and send the merchant a message.

You can create your own WhatsApp shop by following the steps below: To begin, click Create. The app will create a new spreadsheet for you, asking you to start from the demo. The template will be pre-filled with your items. After the template is ready, add products to sell. Once the products are added, proceed to add ons->WhatsApp Shop->Create. Once your store is live, customers can see how it will look like in the preview.

Once the store is live, you can add products and services. Once you have completed this step, the WhatsApp app will open a new tab for your store. The new tab will show a preview of your store and you can edit or remove items as necessary. If you have an existing catalog, you can add more to it later. If you have an existing catalog, you may choose to upload a PDF copy instead. The PDF version will be easier to download.

Once you have created the WhatsApp store, you can start selling your products. This tool allows you to sell your products through a mobile app. When you have a product to sell, the product will be available for purchase on WhatsApp. The mobile app will automatically display a product catalog when the user taps on it. You will also have a choice of whether to display the product as an image or a video. Moreover, you can view a preview of the product before you purchase it.

The WhatsApp shop will allow you to insert up to 10 images per product. In addition, you can add more than one item to your shop. In addition, you can also hide the items you are not selling. You can then add them again if needed. It’s important to follow the guidelines in WhatsApp’s Commerce Policy to make sure that you’re selling only legally permissible items. This will ensure that customers can find what they’re looking for quickly.

WhatsApp Shop allows businesses to sell their products directly through the app. When a user clicks the shop link, they can buy the product they’re looking for. They can also browse the items in the app and order them as well. And once a customer places an order, they can contact the seller via the app. The seller will then send the buyer the receipt they’ve ordered. Creating a WhatsApp shop is a great way to get started selling their products.

A new feature in WhatsApp allows businesses to share a catalog with their customers. The business will reply to a chat thread in which the customer can search for the product they’re looking for. If the customer is interested, the business can share the desired product with the customer in the chat thread. The feature is available on an Android or iOS device, but it can also be accessed from WhatsApp Web or Desktop. So, what are the benefits of using WhatsApp to sell products?

You’ll need a Google Sheets spreadsheet to set up a WhatsApp shop. After you have set up your spreadsheet, you’ll need to create a business account for the purpose. Then, the business will be able to sell its products through the app. If it’s a local business, you can use the Google Sheets app to market your products.