How the POPI Act Can Help You Protect Your Data Subject

What is the POPI Act? In 2021, South Africa passed the Protection of Personal Information Act(POPI) which regulates how personal information is stored and shared. The Act states that all personal information must be securely kept, recorded and transmitted, and that all personal information must be clearly indicated if it is to be shared or…

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How To Manage Business Finance With Ease – A Review

“How To Manage Business Finance: Surviving The crucible of Business Life” by Jason Freund is a quick and helpful guide for anyone wanting to better understand how to manage business finance. This is a book that will help anyone who is interested in being an entrepreneur but doesn’t necessarily have an MBA to become familiar…

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Books on the Entrepreneur Mindset

Entrepreneurs are unique. All entrepreneurs have a different entrepreneur mindset which leads to their particular success. Their entrepreneurial mindset may be influenced by the area in which they choose to work or their personality. When learning about your own entrepreneurial mindset it helps to hear from the experiences of other entrepreneurs to understand how you…

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