Welcome to Lioneur!

My name is Johnny the founder of Lioneur.

My Vision for this platform is to bring value into your life. Help you grow into the person you want to be, need to be! To pick you up when you are down! Grow you as a mentor inside your community! People will respect Lioneur members because of the high values and leadership they bring.

The world needs you and other entrepreneurs to change and grow the world into a better place for all of us. We need to start creating mentors and entrepreneurs inside our communities. Only then will we make a difference!

It all starts with you! No matter the size of your community!

Let us talk about the name:

A lion is a symbol of courage, strength, fearlessness, and bravery. All entrepreneurs consist of these qualities.
We combine the words "Lion" and "Entrepreneur" to build a strong, and fearless name, Lioneur.


I truly hope you will enjoy this community.
Johnny ([email protected])